Sunday, March 11, 2012

Welcome to My Life!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog, "Mommy With Pliers." If you don't know me, my name is Karen. I'm married to a pretty fabulous man, have two hilarious kiddos, I own a handmade jewelry business and I'm in love with my life. I'm glad to have you here and I hope that you will find things on my blog that will make you laugh, spark your interest or even just make you think.

You might be asking, "Why 'Mommy With Pliers'?" My jewelry business means that I spend a great deal of time with jewelry pliers in my hands - especially since my first love is chain maille. There were a lot of other names that I, and others, came up with but none of those were available so "Mommy With Pliers" it is!

You will see a little bit of everything on this blog - funny stories about my kids, observations about life and being a wife and mother, and probably a few politically-oriented things because sometimes I just have to climb up on my soap box and rant, y'all!

So for this first blog entry, I thought I'd share a little something that happened today while I was cleaning out the closet I share with my husband....

I was in the closet sorting through clothes - throwing some things out, putting others into the basket to be washed and arranging the huge number of shoes that I've amassed. My daughter Piper was in the closet with me, trying on my shoes and gasping every time I threw a piece into the "donate to charity" pile. When a pink blouse sailed past her to that pile, her eyes goggled nearly out of her head. "Mommy, that shirt is pink! You can't get rid of pink!" I told her that I had plenty of pink to wear (since pink is my favorite color) and that maybe someone else needed a pink blouse. She thought about this for a minute, then said, "Well okay, but I'm not getting rid of any of my pink stuff... I don't care if it doesn't fit anymore! I'll recycle it!" I was so pleased and proud that she was talking about recycling, I just had to ask:  "That's great honey - will we use it for dust cloths or for washing the truck with?" Horrified, she shook her head, "No Mommy - that is not at all what pink is for. I will let my dolls and stuffed animals wear it - pink is special!"

Okay, so maybe we need to work on that "recycling" idea a bit more! However, the one thing that really stuck with me (after I stopped laughing) is that pink is special. I happen to agree with my daughter on that - I love to wear pink. It's a happy color and brightens my mood no matter what else is going on. What's your happy color?


  1. That's adorable!! My happy color is probably bright greens, though I own a lot more special red clothing, and raspberry is starting to make an appearance more and more.

    Welcome to the blogging world!


  2. My favorite color is the whole box! ;)
    Welcome to the blogosphere, Karen!

  3. Wallah Karen lol.. TY.. Versace Pink...Love doing a charity pile too! Spring has sprung.
    What a great start! JJ.

  4. Thank you Othella, Kat and JJ! I'm excited to do a blog that's focused on all of me and my life, rather than just the jewelry stuff. I'm so thrilled to have finally gotten it started :)

  5. Hi sweetie! Love your new Blog!! <3
    My happy color would have to be purple! Im really fond of blues too...But purple always makes me smile!